Academical Background

My studies is a composite of 60 % philosophy, 30 % behavioural economics and 10 % business from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Place of Ideas

Place of Ideas is a startup based on circulating research between researchers, society and industry.

Through a "task first" user interface and a novel filtration of data and informational networks we uncover relevant paths to collaboration for better uncovering realisation of vetted but dormant research, ideas and projects in the world.

The understanding of how interactions are made and why certain non-interactions have failed to be engaged in knowledge-networks will become paramount in how to sort false information for true information. Our algorithms learn by the behaviours of science-related-incentive driven interactions. This is in shear contrast to the interactions google's algorithms learn from.

It is our goal to facilitate the optimal way of finding project assistance, relevant and proper knowledge-partners and knowlege contributors, who are necessary for the completion or strengthening of the knowledge-project.


CEO at Place of Ideas

Associate Editor at AUTOMATIC PRESS / VIP

Scientific Assistant to Prof. Vincent F. Hendricks

Board Member and coordinator at Selskabet for Filosofi og Psykologi

Web moderator at Logic and Rational Interaction